Simeon Georgiev
Computer Graphics

Supreme Bowl Breakfast

Cereal breakfast simulation made for Highsnobiety

What's Waldo wearing?

3d Waldo toy illustration done for Highsnobiety

Happy New Year!

New Year's celebration for Highsnobiety

The Grinch - GOLF le FLEUR

The Grinch done for Highsnobiety wearing GOLF le Fleur

Yeezy 500 as greek statue

3D visualization created for Highsnobiety

Union x "Air Jordan"

Short animation for Highsnobiety.

OFF-WHITE x Nike Air Presto

Short animation for Highsnobiety.


Special event project for the opening of Moncler Hong Kong store. Including 19-inch Mr. Moncler plastic figure created by Moncler and designed by me pictures:


Project that i have been working on with Moncler. Archived styles brought by life by special brand ambassadors.

Nike “Robotics” 2

Project exclusively for Highsnobiety. Nike Air Max 90 silhouete adapted for the future if the robots wants to wear sneakers too.

Bart Simpson “Streetwear” Figurines

3D model of Bart Simpson wearing different streetwear inspired outfits done exclusively for Higsnobiety. Check out the whole project there.

Givenchy “Robotics”

Project exclusively done for Highsnobiety. Luxurious futuristic robots following the Givenchy aesthetics.

Huey, Dewey and Louie “Streetwear” figurines

3d models of Huey, Dewey and Louie wearing streetwear exclusively done for Highsnobiety. Check the whole project there.

Nike “Robotics”

Project that i did exclusively for Highsnobiety. Nike Air Max 1 and Roshe run silhouetess adapted for the future if intelligent robots wants to look stylish too.

LEGO “Streetwear” Figurines

3D models of LEGO figurines wearing some of my favourite streetwear brands.