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Hi, my name is Simeon. I'm a Front-end Engineer with 1+ years of experience on full-stack applications. I'm a preacher of test-driven development and continuously iterate on the projects that I work on.

My development work focuses on the JavaScript stack, with special attention to React and Node. I stay attuned to the newest developments and enjoy learning new ways of bringing ideas to life.


What I can do for you


Exposure to modern and vanilla JavaScript technologies throug real-life projects, including markup tools with HTML5 and styling libraries such as SASS/LESS.


Attained demonstratable knowledge in back-end development through Node and NoSQL databases. Familiarised with SQL database workflow.

Version Control

Organized workflow and tasks with Git (Tower). Disciplined in Agile methodology approach and accustomed to Trello/Slack task management.


View some of my recent work
React / GraphQL / Apollo

SpaceX Mission Launches

A single-page webapp extrapolating the SpaceX mission log with GraphQL that uses React to render it in the browser.

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React / Redux

YouWatch - Work in progress...

Full-stack YouTube webapp clone, utilising Test-driven development approach for building components. React is used for front-end, Redux for state management and SASS for styling. YouTube data is fetched utilising the vast YouTube library. This is an educational project.

MongoDB / React / Node.js / Next.js / APIs

React Store

Modern React project, utilising MongoDB Atlas for creating and storing information. Handled hosting and routing through Next.js for quicker response times.

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Node.js / ES6 / APIs

Forkify - Recipe Search

Modern JavaScript project with Node.js, populating large menu of food items. Developed an API for storing types of cuisines and recipes corresponding with keywords.

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HTML5 / CSS 3 / JavaScript

Omnifood Delivery Service

A responsive HTML5/CSS3 project utilising leading CSS libraries and JavaScript markup for adding transitional slide effects.

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Node.js / ES6 / APIs

Laptop Store

Node/Express project combining DOM manipulation with great design.

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Budget Calculator App

A Browser budget calculator app, with modern design and interactive UI. Built with JavaScript with the purpose of exploring the logic behind functionallity of an app.

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Work Experience

Past and current jobs
  • Front-End Developer Intern - FishEye Media Ltd. UK

    - Optimized and refactored code structure by improving class reusability across company projects.

    - Collaborated on several projects, responsible for UI/UX additions put forward by client tickets.

    - Integrated SASS/LESS into the styling workflow, minimizing code length and improving readability.

    - Built new Magento 2 pages from scratch, adhering to client design specifications.

  • Data Analyst - ABP UK

    - Utilising statistical methods to improve data reporting.

    - Leading small group, focused on providing technical data reporting across departments.

    - Testing and reporting bugs of the company’s SQL database.

  • Lab Technician - IS Fusion UK

    - Engaged in progress review and providing assistance to team lead in assigning daily tasks.

    - Adhered to industry standards, inspecting and testing main company product.


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